Biomass Unit

Biomass unit is one of the four research units that were established since the inception of the centre in 1982, to carryout research and development in the area of Biomass and Bio-fuels, Biogas and related systems such as coal, saw-dust and improved-wood stores. The unit is charge with research in efficient utilization of these Biomass materials and related system.

Most if not all of the rural areas of the country uses wood as a major source of energy, infect even in urban centre wood in a major source of energy. The deployment of Biomass technology in generating energy could go along way in protecting our forest reserve and stifling deserts encroachment. Furthermore, most of the raw materials for generating Biogas come from waste materials use of Biomass technology will go along way in reducing environment pollution and creating a clean environment in this regard the unit has developed several Biomass related system, some of which are shown.

 Fixed dome biogas plant                                                               Portable biogas digester

 Double hole saw – dust stove plant                                              Coal stove

 Community based improved wood stoves                                  Distribution of improved wood stoves to danjawa community

 Biomass systems on exhibition                                                    Biomass demonstration room

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