Solar Thermal Unit

This unit is one of the four research units that were established since inception of the Centre in 1982 to carryout research and development in the use of direct solar radiation for various applications such as solar drying, solar water heating, solar distillation, solar cooking etc.

Solar thermal technologies, particularly for water heating, drying and cooking has been one of the most promising areas of solar energy application, and already competing on equal terms with other sources of energy in many countries of the World. The Sokoto Energy Research Centre had over the years, designed, developed and installed a number of these systems at proto level, pilot and large-scale application. Currently, the unit had fabricated tested these systems to level of commercialisation.

 Below are some of the solar thermal systems developed by the Unit.

 Spiral solar water heater plant                                                      Community based solar water heater

Parabolic solar cooker                                                                 Solar distiller

  Concrete solar distiller                                                               Box type solar cooker

 SERC Systems on exhibition at nastech

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