Our Mandate

The main activities of the Centre comprise the following:

  • Organize and carry out research in the most economical and effective means available locally for harnessing solar energy and other renewable as complementary and/or alternative sources of electric power; heat and fuels, primarily bio fuels and thereby reduce dependence on energy imports.
  • Investigate the appropriate designs of solar and other renewable energy equipment and appliances for domestic, agricultural and industrial uses, and to develop, produce and test prototype of same;
  • Serve as Centre for the development of manpower and training in solar and other renewable energy technologies;
  • Investigate the uses of solar powered-equipment in combination with other energy sources;
  • Investigate the efficiencies of solar and other renewable energy systems with a view to developing more efficient ones and the problems of solar and other renewable energy storage;
  • To disseminate the results of research and development efforts in solar and other renewable energy sources through seminars, conferences, public awareness programmes and the publication of directories and journals on solar and other renewable energy sources;
  • To serve as a resource Centre offering advisory and research facilities especially for postgraduate work.

  • To collaborate with similar institutions and bodies engaged in solar and other renewable energy research, development and training as joint venture/partner.


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