The key players in individuals and corporate organization on researches of the renewable energy all around the world.

Who's Who

Prof. Abubakar Sani
Prof. Abubakar Sani (OON, NPON, FAS, FAEng., FNSE, FSESN)

DG / CEO, Energy Commission of Nigeria and vice Chair for Africa, World Energy Council (WEC)

Prof. Riskuwa Arabu (Shehu )
Prof. Riskuwa Arabu (Shehu ) (OON, FNSBMB, FSAN, FSESN)

Vice Chancellor and Chairman SERC Governing Board

DR. B.G. Danshehu
DR. B.G. Danshehu (Director SERC )


A.I.Cahfe (STEP-B Project-Manager)

STEP-B Project-Manager

Principal Officers Of The Centre

DR.(Mrs.) A.D Tambawal
DR.(Mrs.) A.D Tambawal (MICCON, MCSN, MSESN)

Head of Biomass Unit

DR. H.N. Yahaya
DR. H.N. Yahaya ((MNSC, MISES, MSESN, MWSSET) B.Eng (BUK), M. Eng(ABU), Ph D (Nottingham, UK))

Head of P.V Unit

DR. Mu’azu Musa
DR. Mu’azu Musa ( (MSESN, MWSSET) B.Eng.,M.Eng (BUK), Ph D (Nottingham, Uk))

Head of Wind and Meteorology Unit

DR.M.M Garba
DR.M.M Garba ((MSESN, MWSSET) B. Tech (ABU), M.Sc., Ph D (Nottingham, UK))

Head of Solar Thermal Unit

DR. B.G Danshehu
DR. B.G Danshehu ((RE. COREN, FSESN, MNSE, MRETN) B. Eng. M. Eng.(BUK), Ph D (Atbu))

Ag. Director and President Solar Energy Society of Nigeria (SESN)

Alh. Adamu Yelwa
Alh. Adamu Yelwa ((MINUPA) B.A. Public Admin (ABU))

Administrative Secretary

Mal. Ashiru M. R (MSESN)
Mal. Ashiru M. R (MSESN) (B.Eng., M. Eng. (BUK))

Ag head of Small Hydro power Unit

Aliyu Mainasara ND
Aliyu Mainasara ND ((UDUCONS))

Ag Head of Accounting

Mal. Isma’ila Ahmad (MSESN)
Mal. Isma’ila Ahmad (MSESN) (HND (Birnin Kebbi))

Head of Services Unit

Lawal Umar Kangiwa
Lawal Umar Kangiwa (B. Sc (Computer), PGDM, Cisco Divice Admin)

Head, ICT

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